Friday, March 12, 2010

Unisex Apple iPad case/ sleeve/ cover - Mustard upholstery fabric

Went to the fabric store yesterday after the dentist and picked up some beautiful new fabrics for my projects. I don't understand why fabrics are so expensive, especially the good-quality kind.

Check out this iPad case I just finished making - it's a beautiful mustard-color sturdy upholstery fabric. The fabric is probably strong enough with just a lining, but I added a medium-weigh interface for extra stability, I then finished the sleeve with a solid cotton - the color of this cotton lining complements the outer material perfectly. I really like this latest iPad case... the problem is that I almost always like the newest one the best. I think it's because the newest one tends to be "more perfect" than the earlier ones - as I keep improving on the design and construction with every new creation. As usual, I will list this item on my Etsy shop shortly (


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