Monday, May 31, 2010

Two new masculine or unisex Apple iPad cases / sleeves from Belvidesigns

I got some new fabrics last week and have been thinking about different ideas of using them. In the meantime, I made these two iPad cases to replenish my Etsy shop. They are unisex and trending toward masculine, I would say. They are padded and lined to properly protect the iPad. The brown-white plaid one is a wool suiting fabric; the navy-tan plaid is a heavier upholstery material. 

My sewing guru - i.e., my mother - has always warned me about using plaids, as it's very easy to misalign the pattern, and when it happens, the boo boo is usually very glaring. So unless you are willing to spend some extra time in a project, it's best to steer clear of plaids.

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