Sunday, September 12, 2010

Handmade iPhone 4 or Droid 2 sleeves / cases - Royal blue and Navy - From Belvidesigns

Just completed these two sleeves / cases for the Apple iPhone 4 or the Droid 2 for my Belvidesigns shop on Etsy. The outer layer is a 100% wool felt-like fabric, lined with a blended upholstery material inside. The outside pocket is made of the same fabric as the main sleeve. The only difference between the two cases is the color of the the outer fabric used. Both cases are sized to fit the Droid 2 or the iPhone 4 with the Apple bumper on (although it would work without the bumper also, it would only be a slightly looser fit). The cases are equipped with a Velcro closure on a coordinating leather strap.

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