Sunday, November 21, 2010

New iPhone & Droid sleeves / cases from Belvidesigns / ibagsnmore on Etsy

I've been very busy making sleeves and cases in my studio the last couple of days and I actually forgot to post to my blog. Usually I start the "computer" portion of my work day with posting to my blog...  Anyway, I am doing some catching up now. Here are some new creations listed either on Belvidesigns or ibagsnmore. You can get more information on the above-mentioned sites. 

You will notice that all these cases have an outside pocket, which is something that I like very much personally. I also prefer using Velcro for closure because it will not "harm" the device within. Snaps, buttons, and other rigid types closing mechanism can press on the phone and make a dent, magnetic snaps can mess up your credit cards if they are placed in the front pocket of the case. Whoever invented Velcro deserves to make millions.

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