Thursday, March 3, 2011

Masculine carrying case / sleeve / cover for iPad 1 / iPad 2 / Xoom tablet PC - Blue diamond upholstery fabric w pocket n black leather closure

If you are familiar with my past creations, I tend to be pretty conservative in terms of design -- I don't remember ever making any bag that's crazy or outrageous in style. But I decided to venture out of my comfort zone to experiment with something a little more "stylish" today. The result is this case I am showcasing here. Still nothing outrageous, but it's different -- for me.
This case is designed to fit the iPad 1, iPad 2, or the Xoom tablet PC. It's made of a blue upholstery fabric with diamond shapes, interfaced/padded for structure and protection, and lined with a black felt. It has a handy outside pocket that's lined with black felt and is equipped with heavy Velcro closure. The "different" part of this design is in the black leather closure tabs; instead of inserting them inside the outer layer and the lining of the case, I placed/sewed them on the outside - as a minor fashion statement!

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