Sunday, January 6, 2013

iPhone 5 wallet case with credit-card / cash pockets

Happy New Year (Especially to all of 7 regular followers of my blog)!!!

The reason I haven't posted more often in the last 2 months is because business has been super busy for my shop on Etsy, due to the release of new tablets by Apple, Google, Amazon, and others, which prompted many new orders for tablet cases from my and other Etsy shops. Since my blog exists solely to showcase new creations, and since I haven't had time to create anything new, there hasn't been a reason to post. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

At the request of a Belvidesigns customer and after a few iterations, I did finish a brand spanking new iPhone 5 wallet case. This is based entirely on the customer's specifications -- to have a light-weight, as-small-as-possible, and simple wallet that would have a compartment to hold and protect an iPhone 5, slots for driver's license and 3 credit cards, and a compartment for dollar bills. The goal is to use light-weight material that is also durable in order to reduce bulk. And, the case should be able to stay in the closed position without any extra closure mechanism, and it should fit nicely in a guy's pants pockets. Drum roll please....

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