Friday, September 24, 2010

Handmade fabric Apple iPhone 4 / 4g sleeves cases cozies - From Belvidesigns

I saw these fabrics in the store yesterday and I just couldn't resist them. The green and white floral one is absolutely stunning. Even though Summer is officially over in North America, I like this fabric so much that I decided to make an iPhone 4 case out of it anyway. To make it less "summery", I paired it with a dark-green upholstery fabric. The combination came out beautifully!  The blue and gold diamond-print one is very very handsome, especially for the Fall and Winter seasons. It's very masculine and professional-looking.

The green and white floral case is lined with a matching light-green fleece, while the blue one is lined with a navy or deep-blue fleece. The iPhone 4 (without the bumper) fits snugly and perfectly in both of these sleeves; best of all, it's very easy to get the phone in and out of the cases. These will be listed on my Belvidesigns shop on Etsy/


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