Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love is... Hot pink leather heart pendant (Or the Meaning of Love necklace)

As you know, this blog is devoted primarily to bags, cases, sleeves, pouches for gadgets such as the Apple iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, Droid 2, etc. for my Etsy shops Belvidesigns and ibagsnmore, but I sometimes will share other creations with you here.

I've been thinking of creating jewelry pieces that convey expressions in words instead of or on top of using colors and textures, and I've been experimenting with different media. I think I may have found just the right medium. Below is the first of my "Love is..." series of jewelry (It's also known as the "Meaning of Love" series). I am really excited about this new outlet for my creative energy and ideas!!! The pendant is cut out of thick leather remnants, on which I then hand-stamped the words and design.

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